yeah iit2 me
deal wwiith iit
ii gue22 ii'll hang out wwiith anyone really
nothiin better twwo do

iill fiix my theme later
twwo lazy twwo do iit noww

magiic anon2: none





oh hey!

ii havvent 2een you iin a wwhiile…

2omeone explaiin thii2 “apriil fool2” twwo me 

wow ii keep forgetiin twwo get on thii2 blog 

wow okay 2orry all the peep2 ii talked twwo 

wwtf ii2 goiin on here 

ugh ii gotta go 

ii actually met 2ome niice people twwoday though 

ii thiink ii cheered up a liittle

ii dunno though

ii’ll talk twwo you guy2 later 



Look at that.
It seems our conversation has gone to nil.
I apologize.

that2 probably more my fault 

2o ii gue22 ii 2hould apologiize. 



hahha wwtf man 

human2 are wweiird 

I could say the same of you trolls but i believe that would be ignorant of me considering the culture differences.




Well no typically.
The true name for it is penis though some might call it another assortment of crude words.
Im not listing those.
This is awkward enough explaining as it is.

hahha wwtf man 

human2 are wweiird